Potential Competitors

We will identify entities from the sector that currently do not compete with your company but may do so in the future.

Current Competitors

We will analyze how competitor companies and your sector operate. We will examine their strengths and weaknesses, sales volume, and market shares.


We will identify potential suppliers and analyze to what extent your company is or will be dependent on them.


Potential Customers

Macro Environment Analysis

Strategic Analysis of the Organization and its Environment

Before introducing a new product or service to the market, it’s necessary to analyze a range of economic and economic factors. The data obtained in this way will help answer the fundamental question of whether initiating planned economic activity will bring the expected results, or at least what the chances are. For this purpose, complex and fully comprehensive market environment analyses are carried out. Such reports take into account all determinants that are key in the process of entering a given market.

The basis for studies prepared before introducing a new product or service is the analysis of market size and structure. It results in obtaining not only basic statistical data concerning sales volume along with its dynamics but also key information about entities actively participating in economic relations. Our team’s reports describe current economic trends — both on the scale of the entire market and within a specific segment (industry reports). Thanks to advanced econometric models, we can prepare reliable forecasts.

When planning expansion in a new market, it is essential to conduct a detailed competitive analysis. Its primary goal is to identify companies that are exploring the market segment of interest, and then determine their potential. This involves a thorough verification of strategies adopted by potential competitors. The portfolio containing the proposed offer is also compared. Precise determination of the market position held by individual companies is only possible as a result of analyzing a series of elements, which can include:

  • financial results achieved and recorded turnovers,
  • basket of offered products and services,
  • price structure and distribution channels,
  • target groups and consumer attitudes,
  • marketing strategies and promotional activities.

Intending to enter the Polish market with a new product, it is worth checking what the chances are to interest potential consumers. For this purpose, market analysis for product introduction is carried out. Its result is a report containing complex supply indicators. This gives a clear answer as to whether the new offer will be innovative and fill a market niche, or whether the introduced product will disappear in the crowd of others offered by the competition. A complement to this service is consumer preference analysis, which allows, among other things, to recreate the shopping habits of customers making transactions in our market of interest.

By considering the above factors, the competitiveness analysis prepared by our experts allows for calculating the strengths and weaknesses of the largest players and determining their market shares. In our report, we also provide data on the potential of possible contractors and possible directions of cooperation. From there, it’s only a step to creating by us a business database with a compilation of unique contacts within the industry of interest. Using data collected in this way, we can offer help in finding business partners who will meet specific conditions and set goals.