Company entering into a new market needs an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, introducing new services or products requires appropriate publicity. Highly important, however, is awareness that success from the very beginning depends not only on the proper promotional campaigns, but also on an effective communication system. In this context, it is important to create appropriate information channels, through which a new offer can be directed to potential clients, business partners and to the media.

It is essential to take a number of actions in the field of public relations when introducing new products and services on the Polish market. Creating beneficial image of the debuting company by making and then maintaining and preserving good relations with broadly understood environment is the primary goal of this type of highly specialized services which, among others, can be:

  • launching of the product and building brand position,
  • planning campaigns and promotional activities,
  • creating the personal image,
  • training in communication and business relationships,
  • coaching, incentive programs and internal PR,
  • implementation of projects within the corporate social responsibility.

All of these procedures allow our qualified team to create unique and professional recognition strategies. They are crucial to those entrepreneurs who want to indicate clearly in the public space of the market that they are starting on it their business.

Communication strategy, in addition to marketing and promotion projects, has also great importance in the initiation of business in the new area. According to experts, the ability to make effective use of tools with the information functions is half the battle. For this reason, we prepare high-quality media reports. They contain not only the list of valuable, for the newcomer, contacts to the editorial offices of professional journals and portals, but also – thanks to advanced monitoring techniques – determine how a new product is presented in the media. The result of these measurements is accurate information on the number of published articles, rate of citation of the company name in individual channels, as well as ratio of positive, neutral and negative descriptions.

For a new market player, the absence of the network is inadmissible. From the very beginning of the project concerning implementation of new products and services, it must exist on the Internet – the simplest and most effective channel of information flow. To meet such needs of debuting entrepreneurs, we provide a comprehensive service of creation and maintenance of websites and corporate blogs, as well as creation and running of profiles on social networks. With top-notch professionals responsible for editing and content transfer we are able to spread accents skilfully while highlighting the uniqueness, innovation and the biggest advantages of newly launched products.

Often enough, entrance into a new market is associated with the challenge of overcoming language barriers. Hence it is essential to use the professional translation services. Bearing this in mind, we offer high-quality translation and interpretation services, both ordinary and certified. Our team includes translators qualified in linguistics, as well as within the various branches of specialization:

  • law and economy,
  • finance and economics,
  • medicine and pharmacy,
  • chemistry and engineering,
  • telecommunications and power engineering
  • construction and automotive,
  • and many others.


Translation comprehensive service we offer, is part of the proposal of professional support during meetings and negotiations. Operators which are novices on the Polish market are offered full substantive preparation for consultation with business associates. We develop effective strategies before starting negotiation talks. Implementation of communication activities through the organization of business conferences with the participation of contractors operating within a specific industry is also one of our proposed services.

See the details of our offer:

  • public relations
  • recognition strategies
  • media reports
  • development and maintenance of websites of company blogs
  • translations
  • support during meetings and negotiations
  • conference organization