Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for entrepreneurs entering the Polish market with new products and services. We oversee the proper orientation of implementation processes and offer expert assistance at every stage of their realization. We care not only about a good start for a debuting company but also about its sustainable development. To this end, we present to our clients opportunities for obtaining additional financial resources, as well as available options for the development and modernization of the enterprise. We particularly emphasize European funds from the financial perspective for the years 2014–2020. In our team, we have qualified specialists in advisory, service, and audit of EU projects, who boast many years of experience and high effectiveness in achieving tangible benefits for beneficiaries. We help select the right program dedicated primarily to entrepreneurs at the threshold of developing their business. The solutions we recommend are fully individualized and optimized in terms of the nature and type of business activity. By providing stable, multidimensional, professional, and expert service (from selecting the best solutions, through assistance in preparing applications, to ongoing service, and finally audit and settlement), we take care of our client’s interests at every step. It is worth taking advantage of our offer and give yourself a chance to gain additional funds for the development of an emerging company!

We choose the optimal EU project for a debuting entrepreneur

The advisory service we offer in the field of EU projects always starts with determining our client’s position in the new market, the development strategies they have chosen, and their designated needs. By gathering information about the nature of the business activity, the size of the company, and its potential, we can properly propose the best solutions provided in European programs. Possessing such data, we scrutinize every EU project from which our client could benefit directly. We thoroughly analyze the formal requirements and guidelines of potential programs, as well as estimate the chances of success and obtaining grants. In the next stage, we present these results to the supported debuting entrepreneur and recommend what we believe to be the appropriate options, until finally, we jointly decide on the best solution for them.

EU projects offer a wide range of possibilities. We will help choose the best option!

European programs aimed at entrepreneurs starting their own business are characterized by an extremely wide thematic range. Our specialists always present a list of projects that can directly meet the needs of young companies using our services. Among these, we can mention areas of financing such as research projects, implementation of innovations, investments in new technologies, purchase of new equipment, management training packages, qualification improvement courses, business and science cooperation, computerization, digitization, implementation of ecological solutions, obtaining energy from renewable sources, and many other detailed thematic issues.
With our help, you will undoubtedly increase your competitiveness and contribute to the development of your emerging company!

With our help, you will prepare your application in a way that it will be rated as highly as possible

Our business card is maximum commitment to work and full professionalism of the services provided. Acting in the interest of our client, after deciding to participate in a project competition implemented under EU programs, we meticulously prepare all kinds of application documentation, including the main and basic lead application. The document prepared with our help always meets objective project standards, and above all, the applicable formal and legal requirements. Thanks to the support of top-class specialists, our client receives a reliable document containing precisely defined elements such as:

  • data of the potential beneficiary,
  • project summary,
  • detailed project description,
  • budget and funding sources,
  • project objectives and assumptions,
  • action timetable,
  • methods of action,
  • indicators and metrics,
  • verification methods,
  • expected results,
  • project products,
  • human and material resources,
  • flexibility level of assumptions,
  • risk management.

We prepare supplementary documents and attachments as meticulously as the application itself

We meet the expectations of debuting entrepreneurs who also need to attach other necessary letters and studies to the application. Every time, we strive to draft the necessary materials in such a way that they are highly rated, thereby significantly increasing the real chance of positive consideration of the application. We are aware that nuances can determine success, so we take care of even the smallest details and pay attention to the correct preparation and description of each attached document. Depending on the specificity of the project and the type of business activity, among these we can mention:

  • documents confirming the proper registration of the company in Poland,
  • letters accrediting the entrepreneur and the business activity conducted by him,
  • necessary licenses and permits related to running a business,
  • required administrative decisions of inspections and specialized institutions,
  • reports and statements summarizing the company’s financial results to date,
  • strategic development documents of the company,
  • business plans and documents related to entrepreneurship development,
  • strategies for implementing innovation,
  • financial and material project timetables,
  • plans for promotional and marketing activities,
  • feasibility study of proposed ventures,
  • documents related to planned investments,
  • attachments related to construction, environmental, architectural matters, etc.

With our specialists, you will easily navigate through complicated procedures

We can guarantee all our clients that we will monitor the deadlines for EU project submissions and clearly explain the competition procedures. We are aware that EU programs are highly complex, often causing quite significant difficulty for debuting entrepreneurs. It is worth taking advantage of the help of top-class specialists and entrusting us with the service of EU projects. This way, you can gain peace of mind, security, and above all, high effectiveness, which can ultimately result in a series of tangible benefits and profits.

We provide constant supervision over the project implementation and prepare its audit

Our offer of support for participation in European programs, specially prepared for entrepreneurs initiating activities on the Polish market, also includes continuous service of the project in which our client participates. From the moment of signing the contract until the formal completion of the program, we continuously monitor the schedule of activities, detecting any delays or risks of failure of the undertaken ventures in advance. We verify the indicators specified in the application and contract, and also check whether the predicted results are being achieved and create relevant forecasts in this regard. On behalf of the client, we cooperate with the offeror and project coordinator, providing comprehensive support during their control and verification activities. In the final stages of the program implementation, we also prepare a thorough audit, for this purpose developing key settlements, reports, and documentary reports of a material, financial, or technical nature.
The strong point of our offer and what distinguishes us is undoubtedly comprehensive service of European projects and strategic support for debuting entrepreneurs at every stage of participation in dedicated EU programs. All the necessary services in one place – that’s our motto!

A package of numerous benefits and advantages that you cannot ignore!

It is undeniable that the process of entering a new market is an extremely satisfying undertaking, but at the same time:

  • it is not one of the easiest tasks,
  • it involves the need to meet numerous challenges,
  • it requires a significant financial contribution from the very beginning.

It is also not necessary to convince anyone of the great importance of the first months of implementing new products and services in the context of further development of a starting company. Therefore, it is worth assuming that it is necessary to use all possible support and assistance, especially those related to participation in European fund programs – both in terms of obtaining additional financial resources in the form of grants and in terms of participating in projects aimed at the broadly understood development of a debuting enterprise. By using the support we offer, you gain greater chances to enhance the financial results of your company at the initial stages of its activity! We invite you to cooperate and encourage you to contact our customer service office!