During the implementation of projects that involve introducing new products and services to the Polish market, media monitoring proves to be an extremely useful activity. Considering the strong position of mass media and their undeniable influence on society (including indirectly on consumers), it is worthwhile from the very beginning to control whether and how they refer to the proposed new product or service innovations. For this purpose, it is best to use professional support offered by specialists qualified in the field of media market research and analysis. Keeping in mind the needs of debut entrepreneurs, we have established a fruitful, wide-scale cooperation with them. As a result, we can offer high-quality media reports, which will serve as excellent guidance in making strategic decisions aimed at effectively realizing plans to capture new markets. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and to contact our foundation!

We will create exactly the media report you need

The support we offer to entrepreneurs starting their activity on the Polish market is always individualized. By taking into account the carefully recognized needs of a specific entity, we are able to offer media reports that fully meet its expectations. With this in mind, according to our recommendations and the final decision of the Client, we can conduct media monitoring in three basic areas:

  • the industry in which the debut entrepreneur starts their business,
  • in terms of information about the company and the image created by the mass media,
  • in the context of how the media perceives specific new product or service innovations.

What is the scope of our media monitoring service?

The media monitoring service, part of the comprehensive support for debutants on the Polish market, has a broad scope. We adjust detailed actions each time to the needs identified by us for the entrepreneur intending to or already implementing their new products or services. According to our recommendations and the Client’s decision, we prepare a high-quality report from the scope of monitoring:

  • press,
  • radio,
  • television,

Within the above-outlined fundamental areas, we can narrow our research to more detailed aspects. For example, in the analysis of press articles, we can focus our actions on both national and regional, even local, publications. Adopting the frequency of press publishing as a criterion, in our media reports, we can distinguish quarterlies, monthlies, weeklies, and dailies – and present the results of research in such categories.

What information do we provide in our reports?

The media reports prepared by our experts contain a range of statistical and qualitative data concerning how the newly introduced product is presented in the mass media. We provide our Clients – debutants on the Polish market – with detailed information about the number of mentions of the brand or company in a given period, the names of journalists writing about the debut, and the titles of newspapers and magazines reporting on the innovations. Caring for the high clarity of our reports, we divide the collected data into individual categories, distinguishing, for example, the type of media (general information, industry-specific – e.g., related to finance, insurance market, transport, construction, etc.).

Find out how you are written about with our analyses

The key assumption of the media analyses we conduct is to assess the degree of favorability of the article, interview content, or subject of the broadcast towards the debut entrepreneur and the products and services they offer. To this end, we verify the message appearing in the media and divide the mentions we identify of the new player on the Polish market according to the criterion of tone. In this respect, we distinguish three basic models of tone:

  • positive,
  • neutral,

Top-class specialists — highest quality media reports

Responding to the needs and expectations of debut entrepreneurs, we have established permanent cooperation with highly qualified media analysts and experienced media experts. Thus, we can guarantee that the research in the area of mass media monitoring is conducted by us professionally. Using advanced statistical techniques and analytical methods (both qualitative and quantitative), we ensure that our reports are characterized by:

  • unquestionable accuracy,
  • one hundred percent reliability,
  • exceptional precision,
  • complete expertise,
  • absolute objectivity,
  • full clarity.

Why is it worth using media monitoring and media analysis services?

Media monitoring is one of the more effective marketing tools serving the development and proper direction of business activity. It also has a significant impact in terms of processes of entering new markets. The results of media analyses allow for an external perspective on how the new brand is perceived, how the new product is evaluated, what is thought about the new service. This enables swift reactions to potential crisis situations or even better adaptation of the message sent to the public about one’s offer.
The benefit of monitoring media and analyzing information about the company is also to facilitate communication with representatives of various editorial offices. Seeing favorable articles by a particular journalist, one can establish a permanent contact, which will result in broader cooperation in the future (e.g., in terms of conducting interviews or taking media patronage). It should be remembered that the more positive mentions in opinion-forming media, the greater the recognition of the debut company.

Considering the above-indicated real advantages of monitoring and media analyses, it is worth taking advantage of the help offered by our experts and establishing fruitful cooperation with us. It will be an excellent complement to our other services in the comprehensive support for debut entrepreneurs, ultimately bringing measurable benefits.