The chances of achieving real success in the process of introducing new products or services to the Polish market depend on many diverse factors. Key among these is the creation of coherent communication strategies, fully individualized and directly adapted to the company profile and type of business. The use of dedicated marketing communication tools allows a new entrepreneur to clearly outline their presence in a new market area from the beginning. Through the use of advanced public relations techniques, a new player can effectively create, then maintain and strengthen various contacts – both with business partners and with their current and potential clients. Our foundation offers comprehensive support in the implementation of these types of services. Specialists working in our team will prepare fully original communication strategies, which will result in appropriately emphasizing the entry into the Polish market and shaping the company’s identity in the best possible way.

Our primary goal is a favorable image of the debut entrepreneur

We offer professional advice and full support in public relations to all entrepreneurs planning to enter the Polish market or already implementing new products and services. Our primary goal is to create a favorable image for the debut company in this area. A range of techniques and tools in marketing and communication help shape a good opinion of the new player on the Polish market. Qualified specialists in our team will ensure that debutants using our services will receive professional support and full care for positively emphasizing their presence in the market environment. Find out how we can help you and what services are included in our offer.

Focus on good communication with the media and thus build the reputation of your brand

Initiating and then maintaining good relations with the market environment directly depends on the adopted communication strategies. Among the various entities with whom it is necessary to maintain and moderate contacts based on a cooperation model are the mass media. It is undeniable that relations with the media have a fundamental impact on the image of the debut enterprise, and consequently on how it is perceived by competitors, partners, and consumers. For this purpose, it is worth using the support we offer and thanks to our specialists gain the following benefits:

  • Maintaining current contacts with mass media editorial offices,
  • Caring for a clear and understandable conveyance of information about the company, its offer, and activities,
  • Moderating content appearing in the media related to the company,
  • Responding to the presentation of incredible data and journalistic unreliability,
  • Tangible cooperation with editorial offices in conducting interviews,
  • Preparing press information and so-called sponsored articles,
  • Acquiring media patronage for implemented projects and industry conferences,
  • Collaborating with the media in promotional campaigns and related ventures,
  • Moderating contacts with journalists in other areas of cooperation.

Emphasize your position in the market and visually express the solidity of your brand

It is also possible to achieve goals such as gaining new clients and expanding the customer base through so-called identity strategies. Every debut entrepreneur intending to introduce new products or services to the Polish market should pay special attention to this. In analyzing the chances of success in their implementation project, a thoughtful, clear, and coherent brand image, and more broadly, the outlined image of the company, is of great importance. Such integrated identity of the debut enterprise should be built from the ground up. In our team, we employ top-class specialists qualified in this field, who, using their knowledge and experience, will help develop a fully consistent and harmonized visual identification system, which includes:

  • Matching the color scheme, graphic signs, and logos of new products and services,
  • Harmonizing uniform company letter templates, business cards, folders, and promotional leaflets,
  • Adjusting the appropriate font style and other editorial elements in company materials,
  • Selecting the right model and color scheme for company uniforms along with employee identifiers,
  • Creating a design for the finishing and equipment of the company’s headquarters, representative offices, and sales points,
  • Uniform marking of company service vehicles and other vehicles belonging to the company,
  • Designing company gadgets that match the type of business activity.

With us, you will effectively take care of good relations with the environment

Cooperation with our public relations specialists brings a series of measurable benefits. We care not only about fruitful contacts with the media and creating a coherent image of the debut brand but also about creating effective relations with institutional, local government, social, partner, business, and even competitive environments. We offer all debut entrepreneurs professional support in the area of relations with offices and public entities, including lobbying activities. On behalf of our clients, we shape and conduct an information policy in such a way as to gain the favor of authorities and decision-making centers for their set goals and implemented projects. In a similar way, we undertake a series of similar actions towards local communities, striving to gain their trust and a good opinion of the new player in the market area. By cooperating with our team, you will effectively take care of good relations with the environment, and as a result, gain the reputation of a solid entrepreneur! Creating such a reputation right from the start of a new business is a guarantee of success in further stages of activity.