Before making a decision to enter the Polish market with new products or services, it is essential to check whether the planned shape, specificity, and scope of the offer will meet with appropriate interest from consumers. There is no doubt that determining the forecasted level of demand is the basis for analyzing the market environment. For this purpose, advanced market analyses are performed, using specialized tools inherently focused on introducing a new product to a specific market. Constant cooperation with top specialists means that as part of our broad and fully comprehensive support offer for debutant entrepreneurs, we can also propose such professional studies. What is their nature and what distinguishes them? What methods are used in their scope? What are their results and what do they offer to companies planning expansion in the Polish market? You will find the answer to these and other arising questions in the further part of the description of our offer. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with its detailed assumptions!

Rational Decisions and Security – The Greatest Benefit of Performing Market Analyses

One may be convinced that the offered products are original and distinctive enough among the competition that they will certainly find a wide audience in the Polish market. Optimism and a positive attitude of the debutant entrepreneur is certainly one of the more significant factors contributing to success. However, one should not succumb too much to subjective beliefs. It is necessary to remember the realities and take into account the actual market conditions, which can not only disrupt plans but also complicate the situation of a beginner entrepreneur. In such a situation, it is worth taking advantage of professional support offered by an objective and independent entity.

We recommend ourselves in this area to every debutant! Our team will prepare a reliable analysis, resulting in an advanced report describing the opportunities and threats within the planned process of entering the Polish market with new products and services. We will provide detailed information that will make it easier to determine whether business expansion is profitable. Take advantage of our service and get credible data before making a decision and incurring unnecessary costs. Thanks to our analyses, you can:

  • get confirmation that introducing a given product will bring the desired benefits and profits,
  • modify your expansion plans and adjust the offer to increase the effectiveness of the debut,
  • protect yourself from risk if the planned entry into the Polish market does not guarantee success, or if the chances are slim.

Professional Market Analyses Focused on a Specific Product

The best answer to the question concerning the chances of debuting with a new product offer in the Polish market comes from the results of specialized market research focused precisely on a specific product. We want our services to be fully professional and of high quality, so we have cooperated with top-class analysts, experienced for years in conducting such research and continuously improving their competencies. Specifying and narrowing the scope of expertise to one product not only meets specific needs but also complements general market analyses and the industry reports we prepare. It is worth taking advantage of our offer, which is distinguished by its comprehensive nature!

Advanced Tools and Effective Product Analysis Methods

In conducting a market analysis focused on determining the level of demand for a chosen product, we use proven and advanced research methods. These allow us to obtain precise data that is ultimately intended to assist in making a decision about entering the Polish market. First, we use standard analytical techniques to assess whether the area of interest to our Client has so-called free niches that could be filled with their completely new offer. For this purpose, we analyze the so-called direct market environment. This primarily involves determining the strengths and weaknesses of potentially competitive companies that have similar product baskets or analogous consumer goods in their offer. In this regard, we collect data on their potential, sales methods, and marketing and promotional techniques used.

In addition to classic methods of consumer goods analysis, we also use strictly specialized tools. The complex econometric models performed by our experts allow for outlining demand forecasts for the product planned to be introduced to the Polish market. Aiming for precision and efficiency in the data we develop, we undertake actions that contribute to determining the expected consumer trends for a given good. We are distinguished in this area by, among others:

  • performing advanced qualitative research among potential customers,
  • determining forecasts for the seasonality of product sales,
  • identifying the target group of consumers along with their profile,
  • testing product acceptability — from production, through distribution, to sales,
  • checking preferences regarding the name, packaging, and other similar features.

All such efforts undertaken by us have one common goal — to collect such information that will answer as accurately and closely as possible the question posed by the debutant entrepreneur at every step: whether entering the market with a new product will be profitable and bring the intended effects.