Success in introducing a new product to the Polish market largely depends on how it is received by the consumer base. A significant portion of overall profits consists of revenues from the direct sale of goods and services. When planning commercial expansion in new market areas, it is worthwhile to utilize consumer preference research services. These analyses provide information about the character and specifics of different buyer groups. They also present advanced indicators describing trends in the most common choices made by customers while shopping. By comparing such data with the proposed offer, one can gain a clear answer to whether the new product will meet with significant interest from potential customers. Considering the numerous benefits of consumer preference analysis, we encourage you to take advantage of our services and familiarize yourself with its detailed assumptions!

We Help Estimate Interest in New Products or Services

When intending to conduct market analyses dedicated to the process of introducing a new product to the Polish market, it is essential not to overlook advanced studies directly related to the consumer area. In our team, we have highly qualified specialists who have been performing such professional expertise for years. The reports they prepare provide a series of data necessary to assess the potential of the introduced novelty. Our main goal is to provide professional support and real help in estimating the anticipated scale of interest in new product innovations from potential customers.

We Conduct Professional Segment Analysis of Potential Customers

To obtain fully credible data in terms of estimating interest in a new product, it is necessary to first analyze the target group of consumers. For this purpose, we strive to define their specifics and those features that have a direct impact on their purchasing decisions. The customer segmentation analysis we perform is characterized by a broad scale and a comprehensive nature. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, we describe factors and criteria such as:

  • demographic characteristics of consumers,
  • geographic characteristics of buyers,
  • psychographic characteristics of clients,
  • behavioral characteristics of purchasers.
  • broadly understood economic and social characteristics of customers, which consequently allow for determining the consumer purchasing power index.

The result of segmentation studies is the identification of homogeneous groups of customers with a similar consumer profile in the Polish market, specifically in the area of interest to the debutant. By highlighting such segments by our specialists, one can easily and effectively address the new offer to the right section of recipients who will generate high turnover. This simultaneously allows to hit the new product or service into the so-called market niche.

We Conduct Expert Consumer Preference Research

Having already factual data about the consumer segment of interest, it is then necessary to look at the needs and preferences of customers operating within it. The specialized market research carried out by our team brings answers to fundamental questions posed by the entrepreneur planning to conquer the Polish market, especially those directly related to the customer:

  • what products do they choose? are they goods from known brands or discount products?
  • what has the main influence on their decisions? is it quality or price?
  • what details do they pay attention to during shopping? is packaging or composition more important for them?
  • how do they evaluate the purchased product? does it meet their expectations, or would they like to improve something?
  • how often do they make purchases? do they buy a given product systematically or depending on needs?
  • what sales model do they prefer? do they shop in physical stores or through mail order?

Our professional consumer preference studies allow recreating the image of the target group of buyers of new products and services introduced to the Polish market. As a result, the debutant entrepreneur can create a fully individualized offer that is directly adapted to the real demand identified by us from consumers. There is no doubt that satisfying the needs of potential customers directly influences their subsequent loyalty to the brand. For this reason, it is worth cooperating with us and taking advantage of the comprehensive support we offer, which guarantees success in the early stages of entering the Polish market!

Reliable Data Thanks to High Engagement and Professional Research Methods

What distinguishes our team is the great commitment to performing consumer analyses and a completely individualized approach to each support project for debutant entrepreneurs. Reliable data in our reports on customer preferences result from the use of professional market research methods. We use advanced qualitative and quantitative methods, both in a standard and traditional approach, as well as an alternative one. We have complex econometric models that allow for precisely defining consumer preferences — both in terms of measurements and within analyses, forecasts, and simulations.