Establishing and maintaining contacts is one of the fundamental factors in conducting business and an essential element in the process of introducing new products and services in a new market area. It is impossible to imagine acquiring new markets without various interactions with public institutions, clients, partners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, distributors, and even competitors. For this purpose, it is beneficial for a budding entrepreneur to have marketing tools at their disposal that not only facilitate establishing contacts with external entities but also promote their maintenance through effective communication of desired information. Such a tool is undoubtedly the business database offered by us. What characterizes such a compilation? What information does it contain? Why is it worth using our service and commissioning us to provide such a database? You will find answers to these and other questions below, in the further part of the description. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer!

Dedicated Databases. Responding to the Individual Needs of the Budding Entrepreneur

The professional support offered by us to entrepreneurs planning their debut in business activity on the Polish market is each time fully adapted to their individual needs, identified beforehand by our specialists. Knowing specific data about expansion plans, chosen objectives, defined strategies, and the actual scope of demand, we are able to prepare fully original and strictly dedicated business databases. Thus, the budding entrepreneur will receive from us a series of information, albeit only useful to him.

We Offer a Wide Range of Databases – From Business, Through Customers, to Institutions

The service we offer in preparing business databases is characterized by a comprehensive approach and a wide range. Our top-class specialists can develop – depending on the needs and wishes of the newcomer – three main types of databases:

  • Business databases, so-called B2B (business-to-business) – containing a series of information and contact data about strategically significant companies, potential contractors and business partners, and other enterprises operating within a similar market area;
  • Consumer databases, so-called B2C (business-to-consumer) – presenting a list of contacts and additional information about individuals who may be interested in the offer proposed by the new market player;
  • Institutional databases – providing a series of information about various types of public institutions with which the budding entrepreneur will establish and maintain contact (e.g., offices, industry associations, business foundations, chambers of commerce, etc.).

Reliability, Integrity, and Precision – That Distinguishes Our Advanced Databases

We ensure that all data provided by us in individually prepared databases are unquestionably correct. We use proven sources, and each piece of information is additionally verified. As a result, we can offer every entrepreneur intending to introduce new products or services to the Polish market a range of reliable and fully credible data about entities operating within it. In our databases, or more precisely in advanced records, we specify, among others: names of enterprises, contact and decision-making personnel, postal addresses, emails, landline and mobile phone numbers, and official logins to internet messengers.

Our Databases Are Not Limited to Teleaddress Data

In addition to this type of information facilitating contact, we also present data on the legal form of companies, form of ownership, assets, size of employment, date of registration, tax identification number (NIP), and place within the categorization of PKD (Polish Classification of Activities), EKD (European Classification of Activities), NACE (European Union Activity Classification), PKWiU (Polish Classification of Products and Services), CPA (Product Classification According to Activity), PRODCOM (Product Lists), and others.

Advanced Features and Intuitive Use

Despite the fact that our business databases are highly advanced, their use is intuitive. Detailed data are presented in a clear and readable manner, and additional features allow for quick sorting of records according to the corresponding selection criterion (e.g., size of employment, type of activity, legal form, location – region, voivodeship, county, postal code, etc.).

Facilitating Communication in Its Various Forms

The business databases created by our professional team are an effective marketing tool helping the budding entrepreneur to enter the Polish market with new products and services. They are a key element in the communication strategies undertaken by him. Thanks to their advancement, adaptation to current needs, and precise profiling, establishing and maintaining contact becomes a simple task. Accurate and careful targeting, meanwhile, allows the newcomer to freely use them in various forms of communication, including, among others:

  • telephone sales campaigns,
  • SMS, MMS campaigns,
  • Direct Mail and mailing,
  • sending newsletters,
  • dispatching catalogs and subscriptions,
  • mail order sales,
  • many other, similar forms of communication.