In our team, we have highly qualified and experienced analysts who specialize in various market sectors. As a result, we can offer all newcomers starting a business in Poland high-quality industry reports describing the determinants of the chosen segment of the Polish market. We guarantee one hundred percent reliability and unquestionable credibility of the information contained in them. Our offer is characterized by great flexibility, and the documents we prepare are completely unique. At every step, we ensure that the data provided to our Clients is as precise an answer as possible to their individual and specific needs.

Identifying Needs as the Foundation of a Professional Report

Each analytical document is created with a specific intention. The high-quality industry reports we offer aim to assist in making decisions on whether it is profitable to enter the Polish market with new products or services. To this end, we analyze the market environment, its determinants, and conditions, as well as the business actions of potentially competitive entities.

To accurately determine the chances of success in business expansion, however, it is necessary to first identify the needs of the debutant and understand their strategies. Bearing this in mind, the development of industry reports always starts from collecting data concerning the company planning to initiate business activity in the Polish market. We determine its potential and analyze the set goals. Such information collected at the starting point will allow us to further direct the actions undertaken by our team. Thanks to this, in the longer perspective, we will provide a range of proposals and suggested solutions that fully meet the needs of the entrepreneur we support.

You Get Exactly What You Need

Identifying needs and understanding the goals of a company planning to debut in the Polish market means that we are able to prepare professional and fully optimal industry reports. They contain a series of key information and basic economic data narrowed down to the specific market sector that is the area of business expansion interest. In the reports prepared by our team, we provide our Clients with a precise picture of the given market segment, including, among others, the following economic indicators and entrepreneurship metrics:

  • number of entities conducting business activity within the interesting market branch,
  • identification of the types, sizes, and country of origin of the capital of potentially competitive companies,
  • other categorizations within the applicable standardization of business groups,
  • size and structure of employment,
  • balance sheet financial results of companies, revenues and operating costs,
  • assets, liabilities, capitals, equity funds, and obligations,
  • profitability and productivity indicators.


The result of our advanced industry analyses is – as you can see – a set of detailed information. Wanting to provide our Clients with exactly what they need, we systematically organize the collected data. The advantage of our reports is their accessibility, and consequently, high transparency and readability of the presentation of specialist indicators. To this end, we pay special attention to the use of graphical possibilities, presenting data in tabular compilations, schemes, diagrams, and charts.

Well-Thought-Out Expansion Decisions

The industry reports provided by us allow answering the fundamental question of whether there is room in the given area of the Polish market for the introduction of new products and services. To this end, we characterize the interesting market segment, interpreting business trends and outlining competitive conditions. Thanks to the data collected by our specialists, the debutant entrepreneur can make an informed decision related to the planned expansion activities.


The information presented by us can convince one of the correctness of their goals or want to modify strategies and adapt them to the existing circumstances, or even give up on the debut to some extent if it is risky or unprofitable. We assure professional help in making decisions. Our offer is fully comprehensive in nature. This means that alongside preparing the necessary reports, we also offer professional support in the form of advice and consulting regarding entering the Polish market.