Starting a business venture in a new market is a complex and multifaceted undertaking. It requires a series of coordinated actions, which are directly critical to the success of the planned expansion and achieving set goals. Launching implementation processes and their further execution, for example, involves establishing lasting and fruitful relations with contractors. In many cases, constructive cooperation with business partners and collaboration with suppliers or subcontractors is necessary. Introducing new products and services may also require obtaining the necessary administrative permits in advance. Keeping in mind such needs of entrepreneurs entering the Polish market, we have prepared a special support offer for them during all kinds of meetings they will participate in. We also offer our professional assistance in the negotiations they undertake. We have a team of top-class experts, qualified in applying business communication tools and negotiation techniques. We encourage you to contact us and learn more about our offer!

Do not underestimate negotiation processes and take advantage of professional support

Establishing business contacts with other companies is a key task for an entrepreneur debuting in a new market. The development of the initiated business largely depends on how the cooperation with contractors is arranged. However, for such fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation to occur, preliminary discussions with a potential partner must be undertaken. The nature of these negotiations, the assumptions agreed upon during them, as well as the course of the talks themselves can play a fundamental role and have a significant impact on future relations. Therefore, negotiation processes should not be underestimated, and to achieve the intended debut goals and increase business efficiency, it is best to take advantage of our professional help!

We provide a wide range of support during meetings and negotiations

Our support offer for entrepreneurs entering the Polish market is distinguished by its wide scope and full comprehensiveness. We propose professional support for debut companies during meetings and negotiations they undertake. Neither the subject matter nor the character of the conversations are limitations for us. Our team consists of communication specialists and experts, qualified in various fields and industries. Therefore, we can offer professional advice and assistance in:

  • Business negotiations with strategically important partners,
  • Agreements regarding the scope of cooperation with contractors,
  • Defining the nature of relationships established with investors,
  • Meetings preceding the signing of key contracts,
  • Discussing cooperation with NGOs and foundations,
  • Talks with representatives of public institutions, including offices, inspectorates, chambers, and others,
  • Agreements regarding compliance with formal requirements necessary to obtain relevant decisions, permits, licenses, etc.

The wide range of support we offer demonstrates the professionalism and high competence of our team. We are aware that starting a business in the Polish market involves conducting a series of various conversations, meetings, and negotiations – both with business partners and institutional entities. In each of these cases, we provide reliable assistance. We operate under the principle that the services we provide should meet the real needs and expectations of our clients.

We tailor the form of support to the real needs and expectations of our client

The support service we offer during meetings and negotiations is characterized by high quality, professionalism, and a high level of flexibility. Bearing in mind the specific needs of entrepreneurs entering the Polish market, we can recommend appropriate and effective forms of professional assistance. Depending on the final decision of the client, we can support the negotiations and discussions they undertake in their entirety. For this purpose, we also envisage the possibility of so-called negotiation representation, thereby fully representing the client based on the powers of attorney obtained from them. We can also offer support in a limited scope – at one of the stages of the negotiation process, for example, within:

  • Preparing appropriate strategies before starting negotiations,
  • Advisory during preliminary talks along with assessing the potential of the interlocutor,
  • Consultations during the final and decisive phase of negotiations,
  • Analysis of the contract project developed during the talks,
  • Recommendations regarding making the final decision.

To meet the needs of our clients and present them with a comprehensive offer, in the case of negotiations and discussions conducted with partners using a foreign language, we provide professional translation services. We cooperate with proven and competent linguists who, participating in negotiation meetings, translate the conversations within a wide range of language combinations. Our offer also includes the execution of written authenticated translations in the scope of negotiated contracts and signed agreements.

We utilize advanced negotiation strategies

Supporting our clients during meetings and conducting business negotiations on their behalf, we use advanced and fully effective negotiation strategies. Our team consists of top-class experts, qualified in business communication. Their many years of experience ensure that we can guarantee a hundred percent effectiveness of moderated and conducted conversations. With our help, you will agree only on the best terms of cooperation with contractors. We will make every effort to negotiate all kinds of business contracts in the best possible way. Thanks to our support, you will obtain favorable terms of agreements – both for individual transactions and large contracts.

We support entrepreneurs in renegotiating contracts

According to the expectations and needs of clients, we can propose and recommend continuous monitoring of cooperation with business partners, in a form agreed directly as a result of earlier talks. In this regard, we conduct an advanced analysis of the results of negotiations and the implementation of agreements agreed upon in their course and signed contracts. If the research results are not fully satisfactory and the benefits for the debuting entrepreneur could be higher, we suggest applying for renegotiation. On our part, we ensure the drafting of the required documentation for this purpose and then prepare our client for the second round of talks. Throughout the entire negotiation process, we help to negotiate even better terms of cooperation. We operate under the assumption that at every step of the services we provide, we must ensure that the debuting entrepreneur gains as many profits and benefits as possible.

We guarantee one hundred percent security and complete confidentiality

We highly value the trust our clients place in us. In our catalog of shared values, we also place a high emphasis on professional ethics. Therefore, we can assure you that all actions we take as part of participation and support in negotiations are covered by an absolute confidentiality clause. We do not share data obtained in the processes and do not publicize the assumptions that are the subject of the talks. We use effective tools and software to protect the information we process. On our part, we guarantee one hundred percent security and complete discretion!