Market Research

If you want to expand into new markets or plan to diversify your business activities, you should carefully familiarize with the market environment. The analysis aims at providing information about the market, its mechanisms and trading practices as well as the key players and recipients’ preferences. Such analysis might be a starting point to make strategic decisions about development of every business.

Supply Chain Negotiations & Management

Successful negotiations require an understanding of the intricacy of cultural differences.  Enter Poland provides support during crucial meetings and negotiations, bridging the gap where suppliers come up short due to lack of experience.

Debt Management Services

Enter Poland runs operation strictly related to services for the customer’s financial area; we are guided by the values and principles that allow us to provide our contractors with high quality, efficiency and professionalism while carrying out the tasks entrusted to our care.

Commercial Reports

A commercial (credit) report is a description of a company’s organizational/legal as well as financial situation, and allows assessing its reliability. It is a useful tool allowing for minimizing financial risk related to selling goods or services with delayed payment.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Translation Services