We Perform Comprehensive Market and Competition Analysis

For all entrepreneurs considering new directions in the sale of services or products, we offer professional and fully comprehensive analyses of the market environment.

Before introducing a new product or service to the Polish market, it is necessary to analyze the potential competitive environment. Offering professional support in this area, we assume that every entrepreneur making their debut should have reliable data on companies that offer similar or even the same kind of product and service baskets. It is necessary to know how many such enterprises there are, what exactly they offer in their product range, what their potential is, what their turnovers are, and what their financial results are. With such information, a new player in the Polish market can minimize the risk of introducing an ordinary, completely undistinguished offer, constituting just one among many other competitive proposals. Analyzing the so-called micro-environment, and above all, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of potential competitors, will allow the adjustment of actions to identified favorable circumstances, and also prepare an assortment package that will become fully competitive and absolutely attractive for future customers. It is therefore worth using our services and creating your strategies in this way, so that your debut in the Polish market ultimately brings the desired results and measurable benefits.

We Start from the Basics – Determining the Number of Competitive Entities

After identifying the strategic goals set by the entrepreneur planning a debut in the Polish market, one can proceed to analyze the competitive environment. This type of study always starts from the basics, i.e., determining the number of entities offering similar products and services. The seemingly simple data provided by our professional team turns out to be crucial when entering a new market. Different perspectives are outlined for a debutant who is aware that they will be one of two or three players in a given market area, and completely different strategies must be adopted knowing that several dozen actively operating companies offer the same or similar offer.

Reliable Data Thanks to the Inclusion of Quality Factors

Although determining the number of potential competitors is essential in conducting a study of the so-called micro-environment, this cannot be the end of the analysis. Fully reliable and credible data about the competition can only be obtained by additionally analyzing quality factors. Bearing this in mind, and also assuming that we provide our Partners and Clients with fully complete information about the market environment, in our analysis of the competition, we also include factors such as:

  • potential and financial results of competitive entities

We thoroughly “examine” all the potentially competitive companies we identify in terms of their market position. By providing a comprehensive capture of this type of data, we define the financial models of rivals, investment actions, and their commercial turnovers. For this purpose, we use proven and additionally verified sources of information. Determining the size and potential of competitors allows us to make advanced categorizations. Thanks to this, our Client gains concrete, clear, and transparent data, which allows them to answer the question of which potential rivals are weak enough to be easily overtaken, and which may pose a serious challenge and be initially insurmountable.

  • character and exact range of the proposed offer

As part of our professional and advanced competition research, we thoroughly analyze the range of offers proposed by potential rivals. In this regard, we consider price and quality factors as well as other product features. The data we provide of this kind give the debutant an answer to the question of whether their expansion plans are unique and thus guarantee that they will be attractive to consumers and customers. If, however, an entrepreneur planning to enter the Polish market with a new offer finds out that their proposal is a duplication of other offers, they can adjust it in advance, remodel it, and make it distinctive. Identifying unique features of competitive products with our support can be a valuable indication that can directly influence the success of the debutant.

  • specifics of the customer group and target recipients

In our analysis of the competition, we pay great attention to determining the specifics and profile of the customer group of potential rivals’ offers. In this area, our top-class specialists check both current indicators and historical data. The completely complete information gathered in this way provides a comprehensive picture of the development, stagnation, or regression of a given competitive company in terms of acquiring new customers. Information on this subject, in turn, gives the debutant clear indications as to whom to address their offer, as well as what strategies to implement to continually expand their consumer base, and what mistakes leading to the loss of customers to avoid.

  • used models of distribution of products and services

Our high-quality research of the competitive environment also includes an analysis of distribution models of similar products and services used by potential market rivals. We check what type of sales within the product areas of interest to the debutant are most commonly used. For this purpose, we collect a range of information including, among others: the number of company stores of potential rivals, the distribution of their products through large retail chains, mail-order sales, and the area of commercial activity – regional, national, European, or global.

  • used marketing tools and promotion techniques

A valuable indication for an entrepreneur planning to acquire a new market in Poland is the analysis of marketing techniques that are most commonly used in the competitive environment. Wanting to provide fully reliable information, our team thoroughly checks what impact the promotional strategies used by the biggest players had on their good market position. By showing examples of unsuccessful marketing campaigns, we allow debutants to avoid similar mistakes.

Competition Analysis – Benefits for Now and the Future

The comprehensive competition analysis we perform is not only an essential element of the process of entering the Polish market with new products, but also an effective tool directly influencing the achievement of a competitive advantage in further stages of operation. Thanks to constant monitoring of competitive entities and their actions, one can shape their strategies so as not to lose, but even increase their market shares. Using our services, you can easily outpace your competitors!