For many years now, we have been helping businesses and institutions, providing them comprehensive knowledge, information and solutions in terms of investment security and efficiency, as well as business activity. Our market priority is to create a comprehensive offer allowing us to meet all basic needs of our customers in terms of the widely understood business transactions security. We guarantee confidentiality and discretion at every stage of your order.

In our operation, which is closely related to supporting financial operation of our customers, our company is guided by values and principles that allow us to guarantee our contractors high quality, effectiveness and professionalism in carrying out the given tasks. All our customers are guaranteed confidentiality as to their identity, their order’s subject and object, at initial stages, negotiations, realization and after completion.

Know your customer

Learning more about your trading partner is a critical part of business decisions. In global trade there is little room for error in choosing a trustworthy supplier or relying on a credible buyer.

Protect your business

Are you working with Polish entrepreneurs? Learn how to protect yourself against payment gridlocks. Enter Poland is  offering aid to companies in the area of reducing the risk of losing receivables from their clients.

Investigate the debtor

We are able to investigate the debtor in question and deliver a report detailing all relevant information. This may include tracing the debtor or asset and preparing a case file in order to pursue and recover.

Our Services


We render debt prevention services, which  leads to your clients being more disciplined in terms of payment and tardy clients will be aware of your intent to follow up all cases. In order to prevent uncertain transactions with customers, complete knowledge about current and potential customers is a must.


We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of business risk and debt managment. The kind of advisory service we provide is tailored to the needs of our clients. We work together with barristers (attorneys at law), a notary’s office, tax advisers and sworn translators, which allows to meet fully individual needs…


Our team performs tailored investigations that deliver the intelligence and insight needed to reduce the risk and impact associated with doing business. We provide a diverse suite of services tailored to each individual needs. We use any means that are necessary to locate the debtor and his possessions.

Debt Collection

Effective debt collection is crucial for company existence. Our experts will collect all your debts fast and in compliance with the law. We represent creditors in the process of pre-litigation negotiations, as well as in court and execution proceedings. Each order is considered individually.


Our activity is based on legal regulations, industry standards and on the principles of social coexistence as well as on internal procedures and guidelines. However, we do know that procedures and regulations are not able to describe and settle all the relations in business activity. Therefore, we have created a set of standards, an ethical code determining the way of our operation – relations with the clients, contractors and debtors.


Our mission is to prevent and solve the problems related to untimely payments. We work ethically, caring about the interest and the good name of our Customers and respecting the dignity of the Debtors. Our development is based on innovation, professionalism and reliability.