Reports and Analyses Tailored to Your Business Needs

As part of our professional service and comprehensive support for entrepreneurs entering the Polish market, we offer advanced market analyses. The reports we prepare are always fully original and tailored to specific needs. Their unique character comes from the fact that they are dedicated to individual Clients using our services each time. By considering various conditions and factors, we can provide reliable data that will meet expectations and, above all, respond to the identified needs of debutant entrepreneurs. If you are planning to expand in the Polish market, check what information we will prepare for you.

We Analyze the Market and Chances of Success

The primary goal of conducting market analyses in connection with plans to start a business is to obtain data that will allow to assess whether a given market is an attractive area for business expansion. By comparing such advanced information with various factors defining the potential of a debutant enterprise, one can also determine what are the real chances of success for the debutant. Bearing this in mind, we offer specialized and fully comprehensive support. We propose high-quality reports on the market environment that precisely describe the determinants characterizing the Polish market.

Each document prepared by us includes a series of data, considering key components, which include:

Market Size

Using reliable and verified data, we prepare precise indicators regarding the size of the Polish market. For this purpose, we analyze all factors that will provide an idea of demand potential – from the range of products and services, through a review of potential competition, to the number of possible consumers. Depending on the specific needs of the Client and the nature of their planned activity, we provide detailed data narrowed down to an appropriate market branch, a certain segment, and even individual types of products and services. Thus, our Partners receive exactly the information they expect.

Market Capacity

Based on data obtained from the analysis of market size, we are also able to determine its capacity. We examine detailed indicators relating to the products and services of interest to the debutant, and then describe the intensity of demand for them in the Polish market environment. To accurately determine market capacity, we consider a range of factors, including: the number of consumers along with their demand for certain products and services, the stock of a given good at the starting point (i.e., before it is acquired by the recipients), and the speed of consumption of goods and depletion of services. Such significant involvement in analytical processes demonstrates our professionalism and guarantees the high quality of the studies we conduct.

Market Absorption

A valuable complement to studies on market size and capacity are analyses concerning the absorption of the market environment. For entrepreneurs planning to debut in the Polish market, we provide information on the degree of its saturation and absorptiveness. We obtain such data thanks to a careful examination of the relationship between demand and supply within the product and service baskets of interest to the Client. The final result of the analysis is a clear signal from us whether the absorption of the Polish market in a given segment is relatively large (which is synonymous with greater sales opportunities) or rather small (which means greater difficulties in achieving sales profits).

Market Dynamics, Forecasts, Key Indicators

The comprehensive market research offered by our team is not limited to providing data on the size, capacity, and absorption of the market. To debutant entrepreneurs, we provide information on the pace of market development, including both historical market event conditions (including increases, decreases, and business fluctuations), as well as future forecasts. Our wide service also includes determining factors such as:

  • market profitability,
  • industry cost structure,
  • distribution channels,
  • market trends,
  • risk factors,
  • determinants of success.

Only Reliable and Verified Information

In preparing market environment analyses, we always care about the full credibility of the information contained in them. We always use verified sources of information, provided both by government agencies and public institutions (e.g., Central Statistical Office, Eurostat, chambers of commerce), as well as private entities (financial data of companies, trade turnover indicators of individual enterprises). Wanting to guarantee our Clients even higher quality and unquestionable reliability of our studies, we meticulously verify each piece of information obtained.


Choose a Team of Professionals!

In our team, we have top-class specialists who have high qualifications in finance and economics. Alongside an unquestioned high level of knowledge and many years of experience, we are also distinguished by such attributes as:

  • great commitment to performing market analyses and preparing reports,
  • attention to detail and meticulousness in using numerical data,
  • analytical skills and the ability to present research results clearly.

In the analyses we perform, we use advanced methods of market research and analysis, utilizing both classic and innovative tools.