Checking contractors

Current management of the entrepreneurs’ condition is a constant in risk management at a modern company. The process of continuous tracking information on present or potential contractors secures financial liquidity and eliminates unreliable entities. While using monitoring services, you can also view the economic situation in your branch and observe competition. The results obtained help decide on further business action decisively. Also, we conduct analyses of the contracts in search for any potential legal consequences as well as suggest amendments in order to protect our clients’ interests.

Managing your clients’ and contractors’ condition increases the prestige and helps to build an image of a well-managed company.

Check an entrepreneur if:

  • You are buying products or services via the Internet – check the company’s reliability
  • You want to change your job – check the potential employer
  • You plan to go on holiday – check the travel agency
  • You plan to buy a house or an apartment – check the developer or the construction company
  • You plan to build a house or to refit your apartment – check the construction company
  • You are buying a car – check the dealer or car rental company
  • You pay your bills via an agency – check it
  • You want to invest


Want to sell goods to a new Contractor? Find out, what kind of business partner they are!

• Efficient protection against insolvent contractors,
• Non-provision recovery of short- and long-expired debts,
• A modern tool for debt management,
• Significant reduction of the reserves necessary for covering “bad claims”.
• The possibility to provide more competitive offers due to increased economic current stability,
• Increased standard of cooperation with clients and co-operators,
• Access to a continuously updated information platform on entrepreneurs and consumers,
• Constructing a credible image of your company

While checking the information on a Polish contractor, you will find out:
• If they’re recorded in debtors’ database
• Who recorded them
• What is the amount of their debts and on what basis they have been recorded.