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In a changing Europe there is Eastern and Central Europe that currently holds the biggest potential of growth. Due to its low cost production and savings opportunities it is now of great interest for investors worldwide. We will help you accurately position your business according to the demands of the changing markets. Each business and each market is unique. Our aim is to provide you with assistance through research and advice.

38 437 239

Population: as of the end of 31.12.2015

PLN 4121.41

Average monthly gross wage and salary in enterprise sector in 2015

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We are a team of experts (consultants) providing professional advice and research to companies that need custom information and analysis on markets, competitors, customers and suppliers. We help our clients develop suitable strategies for market entry with sustainable market success. Our makeup is unique. Our strength of expertise in the Polish market enables us to provide innovative approaches to our clients’ research requirements.

Over 650 foreign BPO & SSC Centers

Poland ranks 1st in Europe in terms of outsourcing investment attractiveness. Poland still offers some of the lowest labour costs in Europe and a highly qualified, young labour force.

14 Special Economic Zones

In the 14 zones there are about 2000 companies, which generated 300 000 jobs so far. 75 % of the capital invested in the zones came from 6 countries: Poland, Germany, the US, the Netherlands, Japan and Italy.

Make Ideas Happen

Our focus is to create a strategy that fits into your firm’s overall vision, goals and budget, and deliver results.

Investigate the Market

We serve our customers with up-to-date information about the market, its preferences, development trends, competition and clients’ expectations. This knowledge allows our customers to respond flexibly and quickly to dynamic changes occurring within the Polish market.

Identify your competitors

We check the competitors’ offer (what products or services do they provide, what are their features and what is their price), whom they address (what are their target groups), how they sale (distribution) as well as how they communicate and advertise their products (tools for promotion).

Create strategy

Sales strategy uniformly defines all of the most important areas affecting size and profitability of sales, such as: target groups of Clients and their preferences, sales organisation, strategy for communicating with the Clients, strategy for reaching a market, sales process standards as well as pricing strategy.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the market and the competition

We offer professional and fully comprehensive analyses of the market environment to all entrepreneurs who consider following new directions in exporting services or products. Thanks to carefully designed reports, you will get to know current indicators and economic trends, as well as detailed legal requirements of the areas of your interest. Our experts will select best foreign markets for your business, above all taking into account the untapped potential that you can easily use. Basing on reliable and constantly updated data, we will present you the preferences of potential customers, so you can adjust your offer to the needs of a specifically defined target group. We will also analyse your major competitors, economic mechanisms and marketing processes so you can acquire, without risk, shares in the market and systematically expand them. By engaging in cooperation with us, you can be sure that the directions of internationalisation of your business will be a good choice. Your success is our priority objective!

Translate Business Strategy into Action

Introduce your business

We seek, select and create databases of potential clients who correspond to the target profile and are likely to be interested in a product or a service that you sell. Our activities aim at finding recipients among people, companies and institutions. As a result, we create a database of end customers.

Verify potential partners

Our knowledge of the region and its markets allow us to assist clients in identifying the the best candidates in the market.  This service includes partner selection, negotiation assistance and legal advice. We provide information about financial and business credibility of a potential client. This helps to reduce the risk of unreliable customers already before the cooperation actually begins.

Make selection

We concentrate on the client, their needs and preferences as well as the conditions they operate in. Our services include selection of potential partners, presentation of products and services, assistance in negotiations, consultancy services as well as any other services which our Clients might need to achieve success.

We select potential business partners

understanding your customers’ needs is crucial to the success of your business

To meet the needs of the entrepreneurs, investors and exporters, both beginners as well as the experienced,  we have prepared a special service consisting in the acquisition of new business partners. Our services are fully comprehensive. Within the report of the analysis of external markets, we will also prepare for you a list of potential contractors. We will choose only proven and financially stable firms, adequate for your company in terms of a specific industry, requirements and preferences. We are aware that fruitful cooperation with foreign partners is a prerequisite for success in the process of internationalisation of your business. For this reason, we offer you professional assistance in setting the scope, nature and terms of agreement. We guarantee that on every step of our work we do our best to ensure that your cooperation with potential partners will bring measurable benefits. Entrust the contacts with your business partners to professionals!

Establish relations

In the long run, market success is based on excellent knowledge of the local markets – of their potential, market shares, competition and customers. We take care of the whole partner sourcing process and then help clients by developing strategy, designing initiatives and getting the relationship right for all concerned.

Create sales channel

We provide knowledge about how sales and marketing teams should function depending on particular industry and market which the company operates in. We support our Clients in designing an efficient sales organisation and implementation of developed solutions.


While some clients may grapple with driving growth in a new market, others are looking for new avenues to increase market share in a stalled, mature market. Can you increase the value of your product by offering new benefits or superior service? A move to needs-based growth strategies requires a move from a selling culture to collaborative learning.

Bring visibility

It is a challenge to speak and be heard, listened to and remembered, yet we are able to face it after many years of practice. We specialize in media relations and product promotion. Experience and knowledge about the media market and the specificity of PR tools enable us to develop creative and efficient strategies for accomplishing individual objectives of all our clients.

Adjust and addopt

The first step in problem solving is asking the right questions. We believe you have to work with your customers to identify their unmet needs and then create innovative solutions to those needs… then you’re on your way to increasing the value of your product and ultimately increasing market share. Our market-driven growth strategies are the product of in-depth market research and strategy planning with your marketing and sales team.

We prepare and implement effective marketing strategies

We provide professional assistance in developing and implementing marketing strategies. If you want to improve your sales results, strengthen your position in the market and successfully carry out export processes, our offer is perfect for you. The main objective of our service is to prepare original marketing instruments, the use of which will increase recognition, awareness and loyalty among regular, occasional, or even potential customers. Our best PR experts will create a catalogue of effective image and promotional solutions that will strengthen the position of your company both in Poland and abroad. We will also do our best to make you enjoy new quality and full capacity in dealing with customers. The implementation of carefully crafted marketing procedures will make your offer reach a broad spectrum of readers. This can be confirmed by many of our customers. Check for yourself that cooperation with us pays off!

Improving Business Performance

Marketing Performance

It’s not time to cut the marketing budget, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing and analyze what is working and what’s not. Take time to explore new options of marketing that cost less, but can still deliver the results you are looking for. Our goal is to develop and successfully manage your projects in the Polish market using our expirience and the support of leading experts in the region.

Sales Performance

It’s critical to understand channel dynamics. Our consultants take an in-depth look at buyer behavior and brand perception among customers and channels across multiple market segments and buying scenarios. Our findings help manufacturers identify where to build and exercise market power to grow revenue and profits.