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Economic information regarding natural persons is:

  1. Names and surnames,
  2. Residence address or mailing address,
  3. PESEL number or other number confirming one’s identity,
  4. Series and number of ID or other document confirming one’s identity.

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The term “economic information” regarding an unsettled financial commitment (debt) is:

  1. Title,
  2. Amount and currency,
  3. Amount of arrears,
  4. Date the debt was incurred,
  5. State of actions regarding the debt, including information on judicial decisions,
  6. Information on the debtor’s questioning the existence of part or whole of the debt,
  7. Date of sending request for payment, including a warning that the data will be transferred to the office, giving the company and address,
  8. Information on the sale of receivables,
  9. Other information – given in the mode and under terms specified in art. 18.

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Sharing economic information takes place when an entrepreneur gives economic information to the economic information bureau, and the bureau reveals this economic information.