Falling turnovers and profits, shrinking number of orders, decreased motivation among employees, the need to pursue modern technologies. Lacking new ideas, the ‘burnout’ syndrome, interrupted communication within the company. And the competition is springing up… How to act and what to do?

Our market-driven growth strategies begin with a frank discussion regarding your existing strategy and growth initiatives to learn where you’re currently investing your sales, marketing and development resources. Next, we evaluate whether you’re on the right path and simply need some help to achieve your goals or if you need to change course and look for alternative growth strategies.

If a client’s business is growing, we identify opportunities that might have been overlooked. Once we understand the scale of the opportunity, we ask, “Will this meet your goals, or must you find an alternative growth path?” The answer to this question defines where we will focus our time and energy.

If your business is maturing, we assess which strategy direction makes the most sense for your company: accelerating maturation or reinventing the future. Each option requires dramatically different investments resulting in significantly different business models.

Accelerating maturation puts you on a path to become the market share leader in spite of industry consolidation or threats posed by competitive manufacturers. Reinventing the future explores new avenues to create value for existing or possibly new customer groups and ultimately leads to the creation of a substantially different business.

Once we’ve established what direction to take, we turn to the market. The focus, although different for each growth problem, might include the following:

  • Adoption, channel expansion and brand building if you’re in a growth market
  • Structural dynamics and paths to consolidation if you are in a maturing market
  • Customer behavior and unmet needs if you are looking to reinvent your business

As in all of our engagements, we define the scope of the project, how we will interact with your management team throughout the process and what stages or key decision points are required. We learn with you as we work together to develop a growth plan. It is not uncommon to course correct. As we navigate your path to growth together, you’ll find us flexible, open minded and very easy to work with.

Our analysts examine the competition to allow reliable and secure verification of data, project assumptions and information, which are required to make strategic decisions on your business. As a consequence, it is possible to draw a precise and detailed strategy for activities which directly affect sales, production, management and recruitment.

Strategic management

Strategic management is understood as an informative and decision-making process supported by planning, motivating, organization and supervision which together have the fundamental aim to help solving key problems that a business activity faces.

Correct accomplishment of a project is possible through adherence to the following scheme:

Project identification: this stage consists in identification of needs as well as the possibilities to fulfil them. We carry on with this stage before starting actual work.

Planning: this stage consists in developing a detailed project accomplishment plan. We develop a schedule of works which defines the duration of all the project’s elements. Furthermore, we establish a team which carries out the project and consults it with you.

Development: this stage consists in implementing the established concepts into the Organisation. We make use of verified models taking advantage of Client’s previous experiences.

Assessment: this is the stage of introducing required modifications, if they are necessary. What is more, in this stage we can summarize together the implementation results to date.