The word “vindication” comes from the Latin word “vindicatio”, which means to recover debts, justified self-defense, or even vengeance. Nowadays, vindication is a commonly used term for an amicable or judicial recovery of debt claimed for a provided service or sold goods.

A successful recovery of due payment for goods or services guarantees the company’s financial liquidity. It is one of the major conditions for successful business and for creating a stable enterprise. Consistent debt collection is also a way of warning potential dishonest contractors.

Enter Poland recovers liabilities in accordance with the precepts of law and high ethical standards. We do not charge initial fees for amicable debt settlement. It means that if we do not regain your debt, we do not receive emolument from you. The process of collecting debts takes place towards debtors all over Poland.

In Partner contacts:

  • We do not make promises without cover. We know our capabilities, and our offers are created in such a way, as to meet all our obligations.
  • We approach our clients’ expectations individually. We understand their needs and try to provide them with optimal solutions.
  • We respect all competitors. We take up challenges and try to maintain the leading position on the market, but we always play fair.
  • We regard all information obtained during the cooperation with our Partners as confidential. We keep it secret and never reveal it to third parties.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest. If we conclude that such situation may arise, we inform all interested parties of the fact and try to find a fully satisfactory solution.
  • Our cooperation with the Partners takes place on clear and straight rules. We accept no signs of corruption.

In Debtor contacts:

  • Dignity is the fundamental right of the Debtors. The persons, against whom we perform vindication activity, are treated with due respect and with respect to their rights.
  • We help in getting out of the debt loop. Our priority is to effectively assist the Debtors in dealing with their payments.
  • We care for the security of personal data we receive. Information on Debtors is only used in the process and for the purpose of vindication.

Our offer is mainly aimed at small and medium business entities. The company deals with management advice, monitoring business and solving problems with payments resulting from economic current.

Our activity includes all major areas of information regarding Polish enterprises, such as balances, credibility reports, monitoring and recovery as well as legal advice and assistance with formulating letters and applications such as payment or conciliatory notices. Apart from that, we are ready to negotiate on behalf of the client on the basis of a commission contract.