Human Resource Management

Projects on creating reputation standards are directed to companies which experience difficulties in recruiting employees who possess expected qualifications and attitudes. The projects aim at developing methods and tools for attracting, employing and maintaining increasingly better staff members.

Employee Performance Management

Good performance management of all employees is at the heart of any successful business. Whatever methods are used by a business, it is essential that they support the company’s overall business plan; that they are well defined and structured; that they contribute to the measurement of both individual and team performance within your business.

Proper management

One of the reasons for the company’s unsatisfactory results may be the lack of standards and improper personnel management. Managers either allow their employees too much freedom, or control them too rigorously. If a company lacks management standards, the quality and efficiency of work as well as the effects of teamwork are likely to decrease.

Effective Communication

Communication within the company

Implementation of communication standards which favour unrestricted exchange of information within mutual relations (supervisor – employee; employee – employee) and improve the company’s functioning (systems for appraising processes and constant development) constitutes an important factor that creates an efficiently operating organisation.

“Just Ask Your Employees”

Our team of experienced Consultants understand that employees need to know what the business expects from them; that they need to have the necessary skills and ability to deliver; and that for any process to be effective there must be a communication strategy providing performance evaluation and employee feedback in a positive environment.

A coherent system for personnel management comprises a dozen or so areas which include: personal strategy and policy, structure and descriptions of job positions (including a definition of entitlements, responsibilities and areas of cooperation), competence development and management policy (competence models, schemes for advancement and career paths) and remuneration schemes (evaluation of job positions, payroll and bonus systems).

Communication during sale activities

Projects on creating workflow standards for commercial departments aim at developing effective principles, behaviours and solutions which, after being applied by the employees, will enhance productivity and efficiency of their work.

If the commercial department lacks standards or develops them poorly, every employee who works in sales will apply own solutions, lines of reasoning and principles customer service. Individualism and creativity might be desired in some types of sales activities. Taking into account a longer perspective, however, the lack of standards renders the company’s results considerably poorer than in the case when an organisation did developed efficient solutions.

Projects aimed at creating standards for sales activities may include any phase of cooperation with Clients: searching for and establishing a contact with new Clients, analysis of Client’s needs, demonstrating solutions as well as cooperation with Clients, trade negotiations, preparation of documents, etc.

Employee Motivation

Every salesperson needs a well-defined plan to maximize his or her success during the year. Enter Poland formalizes the key elements of a professional, individualized business plan, and provides both the process and the guidelines to implement it in your company. The format, customized to your own sales and business environment, allows each salesperson to begin every new sales year with a proven roadmap for success.