• The main priority of liabilities monitoring is to prevent the generation of overdue debts, which can be achieved by consistent reminding the Client’s contractors of the terms of payment,
• Contact with the debtor is made when their debt is not due yet, in order to draw their attention to the fact that an invoice had been issued and that they need to prepare the funds soon, to pay for the purchased goods or services,
• In case the deadline of the payment is not met, the reaction to the debt is instantaneous. Observing the signals of the debtor’s financial problems makes room for quick reaction and withholding delivery when the debt is still relatively small.
• Any possible recovery proceedings begin at the moment, when the chance that it will end in success is big, which helps to prevent long, arduous and expensive trials.

Benefits of monitoring

• Increased financial stability through timely cash-flow,
• Formation of a group of solid clients and decreased number of unpaid liabilities,
• Proper liabilities management improves the creditor’s reputation, which turns a company into a serious business partner,
• Overtaking administrative duties by an outside company in an early stage boosts up the process of payment and provides a better payment discipline among your contractors.