We conduct extensive marketing and distribution research for our clients. Such research prove to be beneficial to find out the market acceptance of a particular brand or product.

The decision to enter a new market is one of the most important – and therefore most difficult – decisions faced by any company.  The required levels of investment are immense, and the political, economic, cultural, legislative and technological barriers can be significant.

Primary market research seeks to provide the most up to date and relevant information to help management make better decisions for their organisation. Telephone, mail, email, face-to-face and focus group research tactics can be employed depending on the information you need to help with your decision making.

The Polish market offers great business opportunities due to its rapid economic growth and huge market, however, it has its fair share of challenges, ranging from inadequate market data, inappropriate entry strategy, lack of access to sales channels, difficulty in finding the right partners and cultural differences etc …

Market entry research seeks to obtain one goal, that of saving our clients money by assessing their chance of success in the current market.

Companies due to lack of experience, inadvertently launch operations in a country in which market pressures, in which they are unaware, will eventually lead them to failure. Enter Poland provides an outlook report about our clients’ main competitors, their price structure and product positioning in conjunction with taxes and tariffs, and above all a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ ability to succeed in the present market.

In preparing market & industry reports, Our Team examines all aspects of our clients’ business and products in addition to those of their competitors through meticulous data collection primarily from end users and distributors.  This includes our assistance in points of entry for our clients’ products and a comprehensive analysis of brand diversification in relation to that of their competitors.