Strategic Analysis

We understand that strategic analysis underlies identification of general and precise objectives which determine establishment, functions and development of a company.

As part of the contract, we develop reports on the given market sector which by default comprise the following:

  • A list of major competitors, their prices, services as well as distribution channels;
  • Evaluation of the client’s products competitiveness within the researched market;
  • Researches into price levels involving queries to distributors, producers as well as customers of a given product;
  • Analysis of opportunities, threats and business environment.

We prepare the reports by accomplishing the following:

  • Understanding the Client’s business model and methods for entering the market;
  • Researches of the main local producers/service providers of similar products/services
  • Researches into prices involving queries to distributors, producers and users;
  • Phone calls and meetings with distributors and producers with the aim to better understand the challenges and opportunities within a given market.