The idea of is to create a positive image of the company. The certificate is a unique tool in the Polish market, for building up confidence in business. It aims at authenticating the companies in business relations.

According to the studies, 71% of the Poles would buy merchandise or a service from a company, which pays its receivables on time, whereas only a small percentage will take a chance with a company that does not pay its receivables.

Every entrepreneur, who complies with their financial commitments, can have the fact confirmed with a special Certificate. Constant update in the National Debt Register’s database of unreliable entrepreneurs makes the Certificate the only hard evidence of the entrepreneurs’ transparency and honesty.

What good does it do to have the Certificate?

• Use it as an argument in business talks
• Use it as a form of advertisement via the Internet
• Show it to all your business partners
• Present it as proof of your solidity and reliability
• Create a positive image of your company
• Increase the company’s prestige
• Gain new markets and build up advantage against competition – strengthen your own image
• The image of a reliable payer has its economic value. Thanks to it, the percentage of positive crediting decisions for the entrepreneur is increased significantly.

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