There are groups of claims on the market, whose effective collection often requires creating a specific action plan.

We offer detailed descriptions of economic entities, partners, board members and supervisory boards. We use the experience of economic intelligence and the opportunities provided by detective activity. We run complex investigations, acquiring knowledge on an entrepreneur and persons related to them organizationally and legally. We support our customers in cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

As a part of detective investigation, licensed detectives perform actions aimed at gathering information on physical persons and economic entities. The investigation may also include documentation analysis, as well as analysis of the relations between member companies of a capital group.

Detective investigation can be performed explicitly or implicitly to the investigated entity. The scope of investigative activity depends on the needs and is set individually with the client each time.

We deal with trials in arbitrary stage, judicial stage as well as executive stage. We specialize in quick judicial and bailiff proceedings.

The basic for starting cooperation is our description of the legal nature of the problem. Therefore, each case is analyzed in detail and considered individually. Each price depends on the situation, difficulty level and seriousness of the case, and is negotiable.